Jill Todd


When asked what Jill Todd, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, wanted to be when she grew up, she would proudly reply, “I wanna be a vegetarian!”

Close enough.

Jill was truly one of those children who had a natural gravitation toward helping animals. She spent many hours trying to repair robin’s nests and save turtles, then as a teenager, she would move on to gallop thoroughbred horses. Able to combine her love and fascination of animals with the discipline of caring for them, Jill knew she had found her calling.

“The Long Route”

Jill began her undergraduate training in Biological Science, Botany, and Agriculture – “the long route,” if you ask her. She wanted to understand medicine at its core, so she started at the foundation – plants.

She then earned a BS in Scientific Nutrition and worked for the College of Veterinary Medicine as a veterinary technician in Field Services and Theriogenology, “basically, I was a lab rat”, focusing on reproductive medicine.

After earning her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and a BS in Veterinary Science, Jill purchased Animal Care Clinic in San Marcos, Texas – a private practice that she owned and operated for 10 years. Then, something unexpected happened.

The love of her life, Tally Ho, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, desperately needed surgery on her back. With high hopes of a fast healing, the procedure backfired and her body got worse. As a last-ditch effort to save her friend, Jill took Tally Ho to an acupuncturist. After just three weeks of consistent treatment, Tally Ho was walking, then climbing stairs shortly after. Jill felt she had witnessed a miracle.

A New Path

This launched Jill into a whole new healing path. She went back to school and became certified in Veterinary Acupuncture and became a Veterinary Chiropractitioner with advanced training in Veterinary Cold Laser Therapy. Jill then sold her practice in 2008 and moved to the Pacific Northwest where she launched J Todd Veterinary Acupuncture and Complementary Veterinary Medicine.

Jill’s search to heal animals has resulted in a robust and diverse skill set that expands far beyond veterinary qualifications. Her ability to read animals at a soul and energetic level – to pick up on their pain, anxiety, fear or aggression – wasn’t learned in school. It’s an intuitive gift that remains one of life’s beautiful mysteries, a gift that Jill humbly uses to serve animals.

When she later discovered the powerful healing effects of hemp extract on her own animals, she knew it had to be incorporated into her practice.

When Joan Met Jill

When Jill and Joan Ranquet met at a barn in 2008, the heavens shifted. “I knew very little about animal communication, but Joan and I had this crazy, sister-like connection.” Their yin/yang healing abilities and a shared love of animals led them to help each other with their own animals. 

Today, they’ve teamed up to form Jill & Joan LLC out of Kirkland, Washington and Santa Clarita, California. Jill and Joan have created a unique hemp product line as well as other products to come. Jill and Joan also have established a powerful healing and teaching platform with live and online courses.