What do you get when you cross a Veterinarian with an Animal Communicator?

The Meet Cute

Go back to 2008.. Jill is a new Seattle transplant, and her good fortune leads her to meet Joni Sorita,  the woman who knows everyone. There’s a large professional animal community in Seattle, and this lady was at the hub. Here’s one of the first things she told Jill: 

“You’ve got to meet Joan.”

Jill started hearing these same words from others, but she got distracted by all the tasks of moving to a new city. 

Then one day, her friend was at an event and won a free session with a world-renowned animal communicator!

What BS,” the friend said. “But let’s see what party tricks this Joan woman has to offer…”

After the session, Jill was dying to know how it went. With wide eyes and a rattled tone, the friend whispered, “She hit the nail on the head.” There were a few curse words thrown in there too…

Now Jill had to look Joan up.


Joan was looking JILL up!

Joan’s horse was getting older and she was on the hunt for a mobile, holistic vet. For animal lovers, you don’t just go to the yellow pages and pick the first person you see. It’s a very serious selection process. 

“You have to have the same values. Be like-minded souls. It’s very personal, your animals are your family.”

Joan put some feelers out into the community and kept hearing,

“You’ve got to meet Jill.”

All the signs were there, so Joan picked up the phone. Little did she know this call would be the beginning of something cosmically wonderful.

Any friend of the animals is a friend of mine

“Jill saved my horses and greatly extended the life of my dogs. I am forever grateful to her.” 

Jill healed Joan’s animals, then Joan healed Jill’s. Based on mutual respect for one another’s gifts, their connection blossomed into a life-long, sisterhood-style friendship. 

More than girl’s nights and karaoke (though this definitely happened on the regular) these women finally had someone to relate to at a soul level. When you’re working with so many animals, losses happen. Jill was the senior doctor at her practice and worked with a lot of older animals, while Joan is often called to help animals cross over. There’s a lot of grief involved. 

“When animals die, it’s like losing a part of your soul.” “We were able to help each other heal. Our friendship was very energizing.”

Jill and Joan had created such a beautiful friendship, they just knew there would be an opportunity to create something else together. Then, magic happened again. 

You & me are gonna be dance partners…

Joan’s dog took her out at the knee. She thought it would be a 6 week healing process. A friend came over to help her with her dogs, cats and horses and happened to share some hemp extract with her and the knee healed asap.  Three days later, no crutches, Joan was caring for her own animals.

Jill and Joan had talked forever about forming a business together. So one day Jill called and Joan said “I’m so glad you called, are you interested in forming a hemp extract company?”

Jill and Joan decided to experiment with hemp extract in their animal practices, and after experiencing the powerful benefits on their own animals, they felt a responsibility to share it with the world. 

The perfect passion venture to merge their yin/yang gifts, this duo formed Jill & Joan Healing. Their mission is to bring relief and support to animals starting with natural, organic hemp extract.  Stay tuned for upcoming Acupressure and Meridian Touch digital and live courses as well as more products!!