Introduction to Acupressure and Meridian Touch for Animals


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Acupressure and Meridian Touch is a live, virtual 5-week course offering an introduction to animal acupressure and how to open up meridians in animals. Acupressure is a powerfully effective treatment method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Learning this skill enables you to encourage the movement of life energy – qi – through the meridians of the body, regulating this flow of energy to support good physical and mental health.

Acupressure targets the same areas that are targeted by acupuncture – you can think of it as acupuncture without the needles. When you learn to perform acupressure, it can provide both you and the animal you are working with a wonderful sense of wellbeing and reassurance. Working on your own animal allows them to an opportunity to heal, and also provides a way to incorporate them into your family, pack, herd, or tribe. When you learn the methods to touch and feel, and you understand the meridians, you can incorporate this practice into animal communication work, or any animal profession, enhancing your healing abilities!

The Introduction to Acupressure and Meridian Touch for Animals course is taught by Dr. Jill Todd, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, and Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner, and it is directed toward using these techniques on small animals; however, it can be incorporated into use on large animals, farm animals and exotic animals.

What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Acupressure and Meridian Touch for Animals


Week 1:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Veterinary Medicine terms and philosophies
  • 12 Chinese meridians and 2 accessory meridians, their locations and uses
  • Learn how to palpate and find the meridians on both yourself and on animals, along with different touching techniques
  • How to introduce acupressure therapy on animals
  • Study the Bladder Sweep and Meridian Sweep techniques, as well as learning about the hip and lower back quad. 

Week 2:

  • How to balance yourself through meditation, breathing, staying centered, asking permission, and enjoyment and smiling!
  • Begin working on your animal using techniques from Week 1 
  • Learn more about touch and directional movement

Week 3:

  • Review and practice meditation and meridians from previous weeks
  • Learn individual Master Points / Acupressure Points

Week 4:

  • Study Back and Tail sweeps, along with Ear sweeps
  • Learn hand/paw/hoof Ting Points 
  • Understand the power energy and sensitivity of Ting Points
  • Learn the “Kitty Taco” and “Muzzle” techniques for how to stay safe while working with sensitive Ting Points
  • Learn how to get the results you need without going directly into sensitive points

Week 5:

  • Review and compile all learnings to complete a mini acupressure and meridian sweep session
  • Receive practical tips for continuing education, through self-study as well as the certification process for Acupressure and Meridian Touch Healing

Dr. Jill’s approach to the use of acupressure for animals follows the principles of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), and adaption of TCM in humans and used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures. Acupressure points lie on the 14 meridians connecting organs with other parts of the body. The body’s qi energy flows along those meridians, and when the flow of qi is blocked at any point on a meridian, the body can no longer maintain the balance that is needed to maintain high energy and deal with health issues, causing pain and disease.

Acupressure and meridian touch can support wellness and comfort in animals, with issues such as:

Allergies • Anxiety • Arthritis • Cancer • Chronic illnesses (i.e., liver, kidney, or heart disease) • Digestive disorders  • End of life • Hip dysplasia • Muscle tension and pain • Nausea • Nerve conditions

…and more…

Acupuncture has been shown to improve general wellness and reduce anxiety overall, promoting circulation to problem areas, easing pain and accelerating recovery.

The Introduction to Acupressure and Meridian Touch course is ideal for:

  • Animal energy healers who want to further their knowledge and ability to bring wellness to animals using acupressure with meridian touch. 
  • Animal communicators who need to better understand the pain or discomfort in animals they are working with, so they can also communicate appropriately to the animals’ humans and other animal practitioners. 
  • Communication With All Life University’s Animal Mastery students who are looking for a hands-on elective course.
  • Animal lovers who want to optimize the wellness of animals in their care – including animal trainers, dog walkers, animal groomers, shelter/rescue workers, pet sitters, animal conservationists – simply anyone who loves and cares for animals. 
  • Veterinarians and support staff who desire to incorporate holistic practices in order to elevate their career and value in the veterinary field. 
  • Body work practitioners such as acupuncturists, reflexologists, massage therapists and others who desire to incorporate animal companions into their work. 
  • Reiki, Pranic, Crystal, Quantum, Qigong and other energy healers who desire to incorporate animal companions into their practice.

Course Details

A 5-week LIVE, ONLINE course covering:

Introduction to Acupressure and Meridian Touch for Animals

All classes will be held live on Zoom, Thursdays at 5p PST, and will last for two hours:

March 11th @ 5pm PST

March 18th @ 5pm PST

March 25th @ 5pm PST

April 1st @ 5pm PST

April 8th @ 5pm PST

Classes will be recorded for later viewing.

The dialogue within a LIVE format, with the ability to ask questions and practice the learning real-time with the instructor and other students, is invaluable.

A summary of what you’ll learn by the end of the course is:

  • Basics of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
  • How to touch and feel your animal to open their meridians
  • How to use specific acupressure points and channels to heal injuries and senior issues, maintain athleticism and more
  • How to approach meridians to help with behavioral issues like anxiety, fear, confidence and PTSD
  • Basics of Chakras and Organs to help you understand injury, disease and illness

You’ll also receive a downloadable Meridian and Ting Point charts for reference.

Are you ready to be able to perform basic acupressure and meridian healing for your animals, or those animals in your care? This course is only offered LIVE at limited times during the year, so don’t wait! At the end of the 5 weeks, you will be equipped to enhance the wellness of animals through these modalities.