Introduction to Acupressure and Meridian Touch for Animals




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Virtual Acupressure and Meridian Touch is an introduction to animal acupressure, massage and how to open up meridians. Work on your own animal to help them heal and to incorporate them into the family/pack/herd or tribe. Learn to touch and feel, so you can incorporate this into your animal communication practice to further enhance your healing abilities! This course will be taught by Dr. Jill and is directed towards using these techniques on small animals, but can be incorporated into use on large animals, farm animals and exotic animals.


This series is great for... ☆ Current CWALU students who want to fulfill one of their elective requirements for graduation & are looking for more hands on education and experience working on their animals ☆ Animal lovers who enjoy touching and working on their own animals. This experience will give you more confidence and allow you to ask questions and learn techniques for maximum results.


Learn how to work on your animal from the comfort of your own home! This 5-class series will be hosted live on Zoom, in a group setting by Dr. Jill. You’ll learn some basics of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, then go right into touching your animal and the feel you need to be able to energetically heal.


At Your Own Home or Office


Starts September 17, 2020.

We highly recommend you attend each class live.

What You’ll Learn

Basics of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

How to touch and feel your animal to open their meridians

How to use specific acupressure points and channels to heal injuries and senior issues, maintain athleticism and more…

How to approach meridians to help with behavioral issues like anxiety, fear, confidence and PTSD

Basics of Chakras and Organs to help you understand injury, disease and illness.

You’ll also get downloadable Meridian and Ting Point charts for reference

At the end of this course you will be able to do basic acupressure and meridian healing for your own animals or friends and family animals.