Yin & Yang


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The symbol of the yin yang is recognized throughout the world.

Have you considered what it truly represents? And why it’s important? The outer circle represents completeness – the entire universe. Inside, the flowing and curved shapes are symbolic of the constant change taking place in the universe between the black Yin and the white Yang. Nothing is all Yin or all Yang – there is some yin in yang and vice versa – as shown in the small circles of the opposite color. Each side flows into the other, in the infinite cycle of balance.Balance is necessary if you want to be happy and healthy. The same is true for your animals. Yin and Yang are an important part of all life. And balancing Yin and Yang is the key to a healthy body and life – physically and emotionally. 

Dr. Jill Todd, holistic Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, created this 5-week live, online course to assist you in bringing this balance to the animals you love and those in your care – whether in your home, in your profession, or as someone who serves animals and their humans. When they are kept in balance, Yin and Yang can result in extraordinary holistic health and purpose in your animals, but misalignment of these energies can result in inner conflict and disease. 

The typical yin-yang sign shows the interconnected duality of opposite forces. These forces complement and connect to give rise to each other as they interrelate. This dual concept seems to be opposite, but instead it balances. When Yin and Yang are out of balance, illness occurs.

Dr. Todd will take what seems like a complex and immense topic, and share it in a way that is understandable and practical – and FUN! The course uses real life examples and allows the student to practice the principles in their own life and with their animals.

In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), Yin and Yang are the foundation for understanding health, physiology, pathology, diagnosing, and treating illness. If you have a background in Western veterinary medicine, or are used to taking your animals to clinics for health and wellness issues, don’t abandon your knowledge of conventional, Western practices. Approaching wellness from both an Eastern and a Western perspective gives a broad and comprehensive view of health and disease. This Yin and Yang course enables you to expand your knowledge and ability to consider a wide array of treatment options.

Here is what you will learn:

Introduction to Yin and Yang in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

If you haven’t already learned or mastered the Bladder Sweeps, Shoulder Triangles and Hip Quads, then we will review and let you practice it more.  As we will build on these techniques.

WEEK 1 – The Belly Rub Circle and Chest Rub Circle

Learn to create comfort and communicate love and trust with your animals.
Provide your animals with a sense of security, less fear, and improve digestive, urogenital, reproductive and mental health.

WEEK 2 – The Conception Vessel

Learn to control the Yin energy of your animal.
Balance energy throughout the body by regulating the peripheral nervous system and absorb the overflow energy from one meridian and redirect it to a deficient meridian.

WEEK 3 – The Five Climates

 Understand how the Five Climates correspond with the seasons AND how they occur internally within your animals.
Learn the correlation between the Five Climates and the Five Elements, and how they integrate with Conception Vessel Points.

WEEK 4 – Yang 

Introduction to the Governing Vessel Meridian – the vessel that gathers the Yang.
Influence how physical and emotional pain is processed through how GV corresponds to the Central Nervous System

WEEK 5 – Balancing Yin and Yang

Connect everything together, using the CV and GV to balance Yin and Yang in your animal.
Master balancing and grounding your own body and mind so you can then balance your animal.

In the book Energy Healing for Animals by Joan Ranquet, it states:

TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine] looks at the well-being of the animal from a variety of viewpoints. This chart summarizes how some of them fit together: elements, emotions, meridians, yin versus yang, and climate. These elements make up the constitution of the animal, conferring its personality and proclivities. Understanding how the elements show up in health and behavior will not only help you understand why your animal has frequent eye runniness (related to the element wood), for example, but also help you understand why the animal responds as it does to the training process. All of the elements can face threats, and every animal has a weaker, or more challenged, organ system. … The “personalities” of the elements and their associated organs and meridians are really more like preferences. Our animals embody these preferences. Of course, there is crossover in that the elements interact in various ways and no animal is any single type.

WOW! Isn’t it remarkable how East and West meet and even intertwine to give us such a comprehensive view of the body and wellness?! It’s exactly how Yin and Yang work – you can’t have one without the other. Yin doesn’t exist without Yang. There is no concept of East if there is no West. Light cannot be understood without darkness. And, there is no wellness if there is no disease.Health can be defined as the state of harmony that exists between the body and its internal and external environments. When harmony exists, the body has adapted successfully to its internal and external environments so that it can carry on its functions. 

Factors that influence the external environment include nutrition, climate, and geophysical and electromagnetic forces. The internal factors include hereditary influences, the neuroendocrine system and emotional states. By using this concept, health is not an absolute, but a relative state of being.

Disease arises when there is an imbalance within the internal environment or between the internal and external environments.  Illness usually comes about as the result of many causes working together or overloading the homeostatic mechanisms of the body.

This relationship explains the Yin-Yang theory…and in this Yin and Yang course, we balance theory with practice to achieve practical and real results with you and your animals. 

The Yin and Yang course is ideal for:

  • Animal energy healers who want to uplevel their knowledge and further enhance their ability to bring balance and wellness to animals using Yin and Yang. 
  • Animal communicators who need to better understand the pain or discomfort in animals they are working with, so they can also communicate appropriately to the animals’ humans and other animal practitioners. 
  • Communication With All Life University’s Animal Mastery students who are looking for a new, interesting, and hands-on elective course.
  • Animal lovers who want to optimize the wellness of animals in their care – including animal trainers, dog walkers, animal groomers, shelter/rescue workers, pet sitters, animal conservationists – simply anyone who loves and cares for animals. 
  • Veterinarians and support staff who desire to incorporate holistic practices in order to elevate their career and value in the veterinary field. 
  • Body work practitioners such as acupuncturists, reflexologists, massage therapists and others. 
  • Reiki, Pranic, Crystal, Quantum, Qigong and other energy healers who desire to incorporate animal companions into their practice.

Course Details

A 5-week LIVE, ONLINE course covering:
Yin and Yang | Conception and Governing Vessel Meridians | Five Climates

All classes will be held live on Zoom:

Friday, May 5th @ 11 am PST

Friday, May 12th @ 11 am PST

Friday, May 19th @ 11 am PST

Friday, June 2nd @ 11 am PST

Friday, June 9th @ 11 am PST

Classes will be recorded for later viewing. The dialogue within a LIVE format, with the ability to ask questions and practice the learning in real-time with the instructor and other students, is invaluable.

You will also receive:

  • Pre-recorded videos with additional examples for further study
  • Dozens of pages of content plus relevant charts/graphs
  • Tips for how to help your animals (or your clients’ animals) by balancing Yin & Yang
  • An energetic and fun learning environment!

Are you ready to learn Yin and Yang to understand ancient truths and balance your life and those of your animals? The beauty of Yin and Yang is its never-ending dance of ebbs, flows and change, which makes it exhilarating to explore. Plus, being able to bring back into balance Yin and Yang for those we love is life enhancing. Don’t wait – now is the time to bring healing and wellness to an entirely new level for you and your animals.

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