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Where Science and Intuition meets Nature

Hemp Extract Containing Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoids.

Providing Safe, Organic, and Ethical Relief

Give your animal the natural hemp extract products they deserve with:

  • Safe, non-toxic treatments
  • All-natural, organically grown hemp!

Safe, Non-toxic Treatments

All-natural, organically grown hemp!

Support a charity with every purchase!

Jill & Joan Hemp Extract

For Animals

“Since I started giving Charlotte the Jill & Joan Hemp Extract on Dec. 27th, 2018 she’s shown improvement. The shaking in her legs has almost disappeared, and she hasn’t fallen down when going down the stairs.

Yesterday one of the people she sees regularly on her morning walk told Walter she looks good, that she’s gained a bit of weight, and noticed that she wasn’t shaking. It’s making a difference that others, without knowing that anything in her life has changed, are noticing. Woo hoo!!”

- One of Our Happy Customers

The Taboo of Yesterday

You want the best treatment for your animal and have read about the positive effects of Hemp Extract, but the taboo around it may have caused you to wonder:

  • Does Hemp Extract really work?
  • Is Hemp Extract legal?
  • Is Hemp Extract safe?

Did you know:

  • Hemp Extract is Non-Psychoactive, Safe, and Non-Toxic
  • Our products are all grown in the USA!
  • Our hemp extracts come from hand-selected US farms that use organic farming practices. 
  • Our high quality organically grown hemp extracts are for pets and humans. 
  • The hemp extracts undergo quality testing and inspection to ensure it meets our standards for quality as well as being good enough for your beloveds.

How many Nutraceuticals can you say that about? 

Come home to traditional botanical hemp, where East meets West. Hemp supports everything from Western medicine to lifestyle choices.

Hemp products are here to manage, support and maintain the following:

  • The immune system
  • Pre and post surgery
  • Stiffness and loss of mobility
  • Circulation
  • Digestion
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Skin issues
  • Over exertion a.k.a. Too much fun!

Hemp offers choices, allowing us to avoid harsh medicines, side effects, and risky surgeries – not to mention investing thousands of dollars on a “fast solution” that could create even more complications for your animal.

Innovation of Today

Hemp was part of healing and daily life up until 1937. Because of strict laws, it was taken out of consumer lives. In 1971 the research continued and the realization that all mammalian cells have receptor sites and NEED hemp extract to activate deep healing finally became known. Since then, there has been a true surge of hemp extract products. 

The body is built to heal itself. But in this modern age between processed food, pollution, everyday stress and other toxins, we aren’t giving it a fighting chance. So it can’t heal itself like it is designed to do. 

 Because the evidence is too robust to ignore, The World Health Organization has now deemed hemp extract as a safe product to be taken with beneficial properties. Nature’s medicine is not only available to humans, but your precious animals!

Hello from Jill & Joan!

Hi, we’re Jill Todd and Joan Ranquet and we’ve joined forces for good reason. Joan Ranquet, celebrity Animal Communicator, TEDx speaker, Hay House author and Jill Todd, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, and Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner

Our yin yang expertise and combined passion for animals has brought us together to be an advocate for those who are in desperate need of help and relief.

“We’re on a mission to not only let others know about the incredible benefits of hemp extract, but to ensure you get the best quality from ethical resources.”


Jill & Joan Hemp Extract for Animals! 

We support charities with every purchase. Hurry!

“We’re on a mission to not only let others know about the incredible healing benefits of hemp extract, but to ensure you get the best quality from ethical resources.”

It’s Hemp Time

The Facts, FYI

  • Jill and Joan’s hemp extract is broad spectrum and Hemp Extract Isolate products. This proprietary process extracts cannabinoids from the hemp plant, allowing us to use the beneficial cannabinoids while removing the THC.
  • The flower and leaves of the hemp plant contain the compound (hemp extract) and it is just one of the over 80 cannabinoids that can be extracted from hemp. Some of the other hemp extract are phytocannabinoids and terpenes that together create an efficient balance to support the mind and body.
  • We choose MCT (Coconut Oil) as a carrier for its additional benefits as a raw material, as well as fast absorption.
  • A simple adjustment by adding hemp extract as a prophylactic and or as a therapeutic measure, will enhance overall health and wellness as the cannabinoid receptors in the ECS will be activated and protect the user’s body.
  • We support charities with every purchase. Customers may select who they’d like their investment to support from our list of nonprofit organizations who are affiliated with our company.

The Power Duo

About Jill

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, and Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner

Jill Todd was truly one of those children who had a natural gravitation toward helping animals. She spent many hours trying to repair robin’s nests and save turtles, then as a teenager, she would move on to gallop thoroughbred horses. Able to combine her love and fascination of animals with the discipline of caring for them, Jill knew she had found her calling.

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About Joan

Animal Communicator, TEDx speaker, Hay House author, educator and animal parent, Joan Ranquet leads an inspired life. It’s no surprise MSN deemed her as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love.” Joan has connected with animals professionally for over twenty-five years, she’s connected with them personally as long as she can remember.

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